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Whether you are a parent seeking assistance with career exploration for your High School-Aged Child or a Post-Secondary Student in search of their first job The Tailored Career is here to help you in exploring your options and developing a plan of success. 


  • Gain an understanding of different career requirements and skills. 


  • Understand what job recruiters are looking for right now. 


  • Learn skills you can take with you for a lifetime of career decisions. 

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College Students


Are you frustrated with your current career path?


Ready to STOP job-hopping so you can START thriving in your dream job?


Are you seeking new motivation and inspiration in your career?


Have you been out of the workforce for a while and find yourself struggling to re-enter?


No matter your reason for exploring the job boards- with our coaching we can help you:


  • Prepare job search documents (Resumes, etc.)

  • Develop a personal brand 


As well as help you to seek out learning and networking opportunities that will aid you in furthering your career. 


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Business Meeting


As your company grows you know you will need to have a consistent stream of candidates running through your future talent pipeline. 


With the help of the Tailored Career you can:


  •  Explore and implement new and innovative recruitment strategies.


  • Build connections and brand awareness at Canada’s top schools. 


  • Spend less time worrying about where to find qualified candidates and more time getting to know your ideal candidates.

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Land Your Dream Job 

Tired of being a job-hopper and ready to transition to a tailored career plan?


The Tailored Career is the choice for anyone who is looking to take control of their career.


We walk you through all the steps from job hunter to employed in your dream occupation.


Here at The Tailored Career, we believe you should enjoy what you do and consistently be moving and growing within your chosen field. 


That is why we help people at every stage of the career journey to prepare, plan, and execute their employment strategy because getting that that dream job is just one piece of the career puzzle.

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Career Coach and Campus Recruiter

A career cultivator, a resume whiz and a job search expert focusing on Millennial and Gen Z careers and fulfillment.


Michelle has experience coaching individuals at all career stages on resume writing, interview preparation, job search strategies, and personal branding.


Her recruiting background makes her uniquely skilled at identifying how candidates can stand out among the job search competition.


Having navigated career changes herself, Michelle is adept at helping others identify transferable skills that employers are seeking. 



Please fill out this contact form to get in touch with me. I will respond to all inquiries in 1- 2 business days.

Michelle Ashley

Owner & Coach

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