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Hello There!

I'm Michelle Ashley,

Certified Career Strategist

In 2019, I established The Tailored Career with the mission to help women design a  meaningful career that allows them to live a life they desire. Drawing from my background as an  HR consultant and recruiter, I provide my clients with the "insider scoop" of the recruitment process to gain a competitive edge. Through a solution-based approach to coaching, my clients are equipped with tools needed to reach their goals  while gaining a boost of career confidence.

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Take The Next Step!

Ditch the job search stress and step into Career confidence! Join the society - pricing starts at $44/month! 


Pay-What-You-Can Day

One day a month I offer a 30-minute career strategy session set at your price.Advancing your career is a major move. I want to make that move more accessible for you. 

Join The Webinar

Navigate the job market with clarity and strategy.  Learn how to cut through the job search noise and gain clarity about your ideal job. 

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