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Private Coaching

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Personal Branding

Development & Strategy

Crafting a personal brand can unlock your full potential and take your career to the next level.  It has the power to open doors for you, get you noticed and put the right people and opportunities in your path. By the end of these sessions, you will craft an authentic personal brand, get clear on your unique selling proposition and learn how to share your brand online.  

Prior to the first session, you will complete in-depth branding questionnaire. 

Here is the Plan:

Step 1:
Brand Clarity


  • Understanding your career goals

  • Uncovering your brand through assessments and storytelling

Step 2:
Building your Brand


  • Finding common themes and identifying your area of expertise

  • Determining a personal branding strategy

Step 3:
Leveraging Your Brand 

  • Learn skills to showcase your brand

You Will Also Recieve:

  • A personal branding guideline which will summarize your unique attributes

  • A personal brand boost report with 5 actionable ideas to help elevate your brand High

  • HIGH5 Strength Test Report 

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