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Hello There!

I'm Michelle Ashley,

Certified Career Strategist

Honestly, I would have never believed that by 2023, I would have helped hundreds of people globally from various industries launch their careers, land their dream jobs and increase their income.


Because in 2016, when I was a fresh graduate, I had a heck of a time finding a job - I'm talking I was one of the last people in my program to get a job. Even though I graduated with honours and even had relevant experience, I had no clue how to sell myself or frankly even know what value I could bring to employers nor did I know what type of career I wanted.

I became fixated on understanding how people got jobs and all things career marketing related (Thanks to my superpower, ADHD). I eventually landed a job in recruitment which fed into the fascination of my newfound interest. I now had insider knowledge of how these hiring decisions were made.

I eventually went back to school (Conestoga College) to formally learn how to help people develop their careers and in 2022 I became a certified career strategist through Career Professionals of Canada.

When I discovered the world of Career Development I knew early on that one of my specialties would include LinkedIn and here's why:


It helped me land my first job after graduation and since then has been a generator of opportunities for me.


It forces you to dig deeper and get to know yourself a little more. Being self-aware is key to career happiness.


It's the perfect spot for busy women (like yourself) to grow your personal brand and network, on your own schedule and in the comfort of your home. It truly can help even out the playing field, especially if you feel you currently lack the right connections.


It's where recruiters and hiring managers are finding their next great hire.

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