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Career Development Services

 Customizable Career Development Programming to meet the needs of your employees.

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1:1 Career Coaching & Internal Job Posting Support

Personalized coaching sessions to help employees identify their goals, explore growth opportunities, and create actionable plans for advancement.

Career Development Workshops & Programming

Tailored workshops covering topics such as personal branding and leveraging LinkedIn. We also provide customized career programming for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Meeting at the office
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LinkedIn Profile Development & Training

for Senior Leaders

Enhancing visibility and authority through compelling LinkedIn profiles, enabling senior leaders to share insights, establish thought leadership, attract clients/investors, and cultivate a positive public image.

Employee Resource Centre 

Developing a comprehensive online resource center for employees, providing access to career development tools and resources. This centralized hub will empower employees to take control of their career growth within the company.


Ready to empower your employees and help them thrive in their careers within your company? I invite you to schedule a time convenient for you through my booking link.

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